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Friday, 9 April 2010

Awaiting Walls

Sphere Gallery is happy to announce the expansion of our great artist’s available pieces online at www.spheregallery.co.uk. As a natural extension of the gallery we will be bringing you more originals and limited edition prints from ‘the Sphere stable’ and bringing you more choices to adorn you awaiting walls.
We will also be offering private views at the gallery, in comfortable surroundings where our consultants will help you choose your art companion for life.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sphere is delighted to announce the launch of GIFT CERTIFICATES. Available in denominations of £50.00. They are designed for purchases for either yourself who cannot make up there mind just then, and may want to reserve a piece. Or for a friend or loved one who you are just not exactly sure which piece may be appropriate. They can then come in and see your suggestions and make their own choice. These will also be available for on line pieces as we develop our web site. If you have any enquiries please do contact us.

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08 April, 2010
Sphere gallery - London Spitalfields‎‎ By Inga - 5 Feb 2010 I have popped in on my lunch break to Sphere Gallery, did not know there is this lovely gallery in London Spitalfields. My favourite paintings were by Carl BouMansour. On my way out had a lovely chat with the director Ruaridh. I am new to this area and am interested in art, Ruaridh has suggested some websites for me to check out and learn more about the artists. Would recommend everyone to pop in!‎ maps.google.com

Well here we are!

Blogging, we thought we would ever understand this ( and still a bit new, well very new). So I just thought I would add at least something to start. When we get our head around this at bit more we promise to keep you all up to date on all developments.